How To Stick With Your Fitness Routine Beyond The First 30 Days

March 14, 2024
Make sticking to your fitness routine easier

Getting started and staying the course past that initial hump – whether it’s the first step or the first mile – is the hardest part of hitting almost any goal, especially for your fitness routine.

40% of people who begin a weight loss diet quit within the first seven days. 

Another 40% quit before the 30-day mark. 

And of the 48% of Americans who make exercise resolutions at the beginning of the year, only 36% of them make it past the first month.

That’s because the first 7 to 30 days are simply the hardest, so most people quit.

As a health coach who helps busy high achievers develop lifelong healthy lifestyles and build strong, active bodies, my goal is to help you make it to the 3-month mark needed to make those habits stick and beyond.

[It’s literally why I named my health program COMMIT To Fit ;-)]

So, here are 7 mindset, attitude, and habit shifts to start with that will help you successfully complete the first 30 days of a physical transformation and stick with your fitness routine long enough to see meaningful results.

Be honest with yourself.
Set yourself up for success by beginning your journey with total self-honesty.

Ask yourself:

  • What is your goal and why?
  • What are your motivations for working towards this goal?
  • What do you hope to gain, both tangibly and intangibly by implementing this fitness routine?
  • Do you really believe you can reach your goal?
  • Are you willing to make the changes necessary to keep this fitness routine going for however long it takes to get there?
  • What’s stopped you in the past from reaching your goal and what is your plan to tackle it?

The more honest you are with yourself about what you’re likely to do, which obstacles you’re likely to trip up on, your strengths, and your weaknesses… 

The more likely you are to continue to energetically commit to creating an achievable goal and reaching it in a realistic time frame.

Focus on what you need.
Your efforts and actions are going to differ based on whether you need to make small or big changes. 

You will need more resources, time, and support to make big changes and you’ll sabotage yourself if you don’t plan accordingly. 

Do you need more help with healthy eating? An accountability partner to make sure you get your workouts in?

Or do you need a few sessions with a coach to work through emotional baggage that may affect your health and habits?

Figure out what you need, then select the right tool for the job.

Redirect your energy.
Spend more time focusing on what you love about yourself and your body than you do criticizing what you dislike. 

You’ll be more motivated to put time and effort into something you consider valuable and sacred and feel better about yourself along the way.

Affirmations, meditation, creating intentional and regular sources of validation all help to get you into the energy of loving your body.

And the energy of body love, no matter what stage you’re in, will seed more body love as you make progress towards the body you envision.

Honestly, there are so many ways to get it — fitness that is — that even I can barely keep up and I’m a professional who does this all day. 

Nothing amazing is happening in your comfort zone, so abandon it and explore different things. 

You may find that spinning lights your fire or barre classes motivate you to stick with your fitness routine longer than you ever have. 

But you won’t know if you don’t try, so try lots of things and go with what excites and interests you for the medium and long-term.

Prioritize balance.
An “all or nothing” attitude usually ends up tipping the scale in the favor of “nothing” in the end. 

You don’t have to be absolutely perfect with your diet and workout schedule to make progress or make the effort worthwhile. 

Your journey to fitness isn’t about becoming a robot, it’s about learning to create regular habits that allow you to exist in the state you want. 

And you’re only going to do that by doing a little less of what doesn’t work and a little more of what does every day. 

Focusing on balance instead of perfection allows the mental flexibility and freedom to make choices, make mistakes, and make progress.

Be happy.
Happiness is incredible for your health. 

So do things that make you happy on a daily basis. 

What’s the point of being fit if you’re also miserable?

Set a daily intention.
One of the important methods of goal-crushing is breaking big goals down into small ones. 

So, take your big health and fitness goal and set an intention that gets you closer to it each day. 

It can be as large as running the 3 daily miles you need to accomplish 1000 miles in a year or something as small as choosing not to complain for 24 hours straight. 

By setting an intention, you structure your day around a tiny piece of the goal that lets you naturally evolve towards the big prize.

Have an attitude of gratitude.
Sprinkle a little more gratitude into everything you do; every workout, every meal, every stride. 

Gratitude activates manifestation and corrects perception. 

The more grateful you are, the more you will have to be grateful for.

You may have noticed that very few of these tips focus on how many reps you should do and calories you should eat to meet your goal.

That’s because you can’t transform on the outside if you’re not ready and equipped on the inside. 

And that’s exactly the part that most people SKIP that causes them to fail at the outer transformation.

So journey inward. Your transformation starts and flows through your self-belief and ends with the physical outcomes that result from aligning your intention with your actions.

Stay fearless.

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